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Bewindi’s mission is to provide services to women to empower them to be their best. It’s time to stop living a defeated life, regretting yesterday, tormented by today, and dreading tomorrow.

Bewindi is also available for mindset motivational coaching for women who struggle with taking the next step because of fear, overthinking, and self-doubt. Bewindi is passionate about helping women gain a new perspective and live freely.

You can change this lifestyle. Bewindi has walked numerous women to the land of wholeness. Let her help you too.


Bewindi Jackson is an invigorating speaker. Masterful at engaging an audience, Bewindi knows how to capture the listener’s attention, inspire their minds, and touch their hearts. Reach out via the contact page to book Bewindi for your next event.


Bewindi helps professionals find relief from dealing with unhappiness, anxiety, stress, and sadness. She provides practical tools within a safe space. Let Bewindi help you break free so the unique (and happy) you can shine through. Christ-centered therapy is provided upon request. Currently, all services are offered virtually—ask for more information during the consultation.


Bewindi provides supervision for emerging counselors and assists in preparing them with additional professional development and work-life balance.


Music ministry

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