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Meet the Team

"Engaging presence, dynamic energy, positive and relatable personality"

I'm Bewindi

Bewindi A. Jackson was born and raised in St. Lucia and has lived in the United States since 1998. Bewindi presents with a dynamic personality fueled with the force of her faith in Jesus Christ, her drive and passion to encourage others accented with an infectious smile and laughter. She serves as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker primarily a Mental Health Therapist and also provides mindset and motivational coaching to women who feel stuck, unhappy, and paralyzed by fear. Bewindi loves helping people reframe their perspectives and replace them with new and healthy ones so they can declutter their minds and make room for happiness.


My Purpose

Bewindi provides therapy to professionals and young adults who are struggling with emotional conflicts, such as depression, anxiety, unhappiness, stress and negative thinking patterns.

She also works with them to help develop a better perspective so they can be the best version of themselves and live freely. Bewindi also provides Christ-centered counseling when applicable. 

Bewindi has had many experiences speaking to diverse audiences on topics from self-care to mental health related topics. She has always been complimented for her engaging presence, dynamic energy, and for her positive and relatable personality. Bewindi also gets to use her warm therapeutic voice as the host of the Empowered to Empower You podcast where she reaches thousands of listeners on a weekly and monthly basis.

Bewindi understands her God-ordained purpose is to be a counselor, an encourager, and a leader. Her personality and work are anchored by core values of faith, service with compassion, integrity, encouragement and adventure.  Outside of counseling and coaching others, Bewindi loves to serve at her church, Resurrection Life Ministry, and feast on the Word of God and worship. She loves podcasting, exercise, and all things wellness. She absolutely loves to laugh, juice, read and spend quality time with friends and family. She also loves nature, wild adventure, and overall having a great time.  

Meet Emily Anderson

Emily treasures her God-designed gift to promote simple, practical, eclectic, and transformative narratives and practices that empower people to live out their God-given purpose.

In therapy, Emily creates space for her clients to understand and write their unique story. Life can be complicated and messy, kind of like a puzzle—Emily loves a good puzzle. Emily knows that depression and anxiety, negative thought patterns, fear, and negative relationships need to be laid on the table, sorted through, and connected until the real picture (the real you) comes into full view. Though we cannot change our past, we can realize how it has affected us. Emily is firm in her knowledge that we can adopt a new perspective and be intentional about our present and future. 

Emily is a trained social worker who values peace, purpose, perspective, and passion. She wears many hats as a woman, wife of a Marine Corp veteran, and a mom by way of adoption. Emily believes in the promotion of total health—including physical and mental—and the power of incremental behavioral change.



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