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When you change how you think and speak,
you can change how you live.

— Bewindi Jackson

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Peace Conferance at Vatican

What you confess, you possess.

If the old conversations aren’t working and they’re leaving you tired, and frustrated, it’s time to do something different—together.
You don’t have to continue living like a victim in the “Land of I Can’t.” Schedule a free discovery call with Bewindi and start filling out those change-of-address forms. We’re moving to the “Land of I Can!”

About Me

Bewindi A. Jackson was born and raised in St. Lucia and has lived in the United States since 1998. Bewindi presents with a dynamic personality fueled with the force of her faith in Jesus Christ, her drive and passion to encourage others accented with an infectious smile and laughter.

Focusing on partnering rather than lecturing

Our Client Testimonials

“Attending therapy has allowed me to grow closer to the Lord and now I know He loves me and see Him as my Father.”
—Therapy Client
“I now realize, because of therapy that my identity is not determined by peoples’ perceptions but is grounded in a relationship with God.”
—Therapy Client
“I now have the tools I need to think healthier thoughts and make good decisions because of therapy.”
—Therapy Client
“Mrs. Jackson is such an engaging speaker and exudes passion when she speaks.”
— Participant (Speaking Event)
“Before I came to coaching with Mrs. Bewindi, oh my goodness, I felt like a lost lamb, but now I am so much more organized, and feel successful already as well as energized and empowered to achieve goals. Mrs. Bewindi is an amazing Coach.”
— Coaching Client
“Mrs. Jackson is such a phenomenal therapist. I was her client for two years and she’s exceeded my expectations as a therapist. She is prompt, professional, an amazing communicator, and extremely insightful. I’ve learned so much from her regarding my mental health and appreciate her authentic care for me as a client. She incorporates Christ into our sessions, which has helped me tremendously with my personal relationship with God. I recommend her to anyone that is seeking out a professional counselor.”
— Therapy Client